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There is a coffee history to be found in Gustavus already in Volter Kilpi's writings.

In the story, Vaasa's Ville invested all his money in building a magnificent frigate and hired his friend Kalle from Närpes as its captain. The goal was to obtain a cargo of coffee.

Years passed, but Albatross was nowhere to be seen. Ville sank into despair and feared he had lost both his money and his frigate. Seven years later, the ship, which looked more like the ghost of Albatross, landed in the home port. Ville became angry when he realized the poor condition of the ship and was ready to kill Captain Kalle.

However, it was eventually revealed that the Albatross frigate had sailed the world's seas and had now returned with a full load of coffee. There were also a couple of large trunks in the hold, filled with valuable currencies and objects.

So this time, the coffee cargo has arrived in Kustavi, albeit without valuable currencies and objects.

Come and experience history with a cup of the best Brazilian Kustavi Morning Dew light roast coffee!

  • Roast level: Light 2/7.
  • Processing method: Washed

Flavor profile: Pleasant acidity, milk chocolate and nutty. Recommended dosage: 7.5g per coffee cup (1.25dl)
Bag size: 250g and 1kg (black and white label)

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Kustavi Kaffe

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